Release Day

As a poet once said, hip hip hooray, it's release day! The Misbegotten, Book 1 of An Assassin's Blade trilogy, is now available on Amazon. For this week only, it's $0.99. Which is cheaper than a lot of things, but funny enough not one of our cats. Free felines aside, the book is also available for Kindle Unlimited subscribers (at the very cheap price of free). 

Astul is a shepherd of assassins and a purveyor of sin. Also, depending on who you ask, a general ne'er-do-well whose mother obviously didn't love him enough as a child. He's a hunter too, and his prey at the moment is a naughty little king slayer. If Astul cuts him down, he'll secure a reward big enough to buy a decade's worth of wine. 

There's just one problem. This king slayer's trail leads to a cache of disturbing secrets involving insane kings and mad queens and kingdoms suddenly hungry for war. Why, it almost seems like people are losing their minds. Or rather, forfeiting them.

Astul has seen this before, minds rebelling against their owners. He just never expected to see it again. But he soon learns death is sometimes a myth and the occult still lingers in his world. Well, his world for now. Ownership is about to be transferred.