Late-Summer Update

Or is it sorta-mid-sorta-late summer? Anyhow, let's get down to it. 

Runeborn, the third and final book in my Ascension trilogy, will be available August 14th. I know I had said this would release in July, but I was bit late delivering the manuscript to my editor, and my proofreader was on vacation, and the dog ate my—well, everything just got pushed back a little. 

My next series involves dragons. DRAGONS! Expect the first book in October, with the second in late November or early December. 

With those two items squared away, let's talk about my Leviathan series. The first book came out in June. I'd planned on getting the second book out in August, but that won't be happening. Instead, the final TWO books in the series will be coming out at the same time and on the same day, in early 2019. I say late February, but it may well be in March. 

I realize that's quite a gap between releases. There's a reason for it, although I'm not sure it's a very good one. Simply, I had planned on the series stretching to five or six books. However, I ran into a lot of ugliness with the plot and I hit a wall. So I started writing the unnamed dragon series to bring me out of my funk. 

Shortly after, I decided I didn't like switching off between series every release. I wanted to go back to completing a series in its entirety before moving on to another series. Not wanting to stop in the middle of my current book, I made the choice to complete the dragon trilogy first, and then Leviathan. 


I talked a while back about writing a book a month. This worked out quite well for the first three months, and then fatigue slammed into me with the impetus of a tsunami. Perhaps I was too ambitious, or I simply didn't plan well enough, but I am—at the moment—retreating to a slower release schedule of one book every ~2 months.