The fallout of burnout

In an update several months ago, I touched on the unwise decision I’d made this past summer to drastically increase my publishing output. The resulting fatigue from that ultimately slowed me down as summer approached its end, but I thought I’d recovered when writing Dragonsoul.

I was wrong. After Dragonsoul was published, I’d found writing had become a miserable slog. This wasn’t at all a familiar feeling for me. I’ve been writing professionally for ten years, and while there were times when the days were long and difficult, I never once dreaded working on whatever project I was tackling.

Pushing through was clearly not working, so I threw up my arms and decided to give in to the suggestion of taking a prolonged break. I didn’t write a single word for over a month. In the last few days of my hiatus, I felt the fire returning, and I’m happy to say that writing is once again enjoyable and I’m back to being productive.

The interruption has obviously altered my plan for when Dragonsoul book 2 is to come out. The original expectation was for a January release, but that’s not happening. I’m now aiming for a release in the last week of March or the first week of April. I apologize for the delay, but I believe it’ll be well worth it.