Book Three and Beyond

Book three of An Assassin's Blade trilogy has a name: THE MISJUDGMENT. 

I'm still aiming for an early-to-mid June release date. It will go on pre-order alongside the release of THE MISCREANT (Book 2). Speaking of which, THE MISCREANT is slated for an April 25 release date. I said in a previous post that date would likely get bumped up. So long as I don't run into major restructuring issues after receiving the manuscript back from my editor, I'll be changing the release date to April 13. 

Seeing as THE MISJUDGMENT will be the concluding book in the trilogy, I want to give a rough outline of my plans going forward. 

I'll be starting a new series in a new world with new characters. Still fantasy, but probably not rooted in medieval culture. This could change, as ideas are wont to do. I hope to have the first book published between mid-August and early September. 

I'll also be working on a couple novella-sized stories involving Astul's past. Think short, fun reads that give you further insight into the Black Rot, Astul's friendship with Vayle, etc. These stories will be 100%, totally, absolutely and entirely FREE if you subscribe to my newsletter. When each individual story is ready for publication, I'll send it to you in your preferred format (.mobi. .epub, PDF, etc.). 

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