Publishing speed, or when the !#%#$ can I expect more books?

Book 2 of the An Assassin's Blade Trilogy, THE MISCREANT, was officially moved up to April 13th last week. That puts us at 60 days between the publication of it and THE MISBEGOTTEN. Book 3, THE MISJUDGMENT, will be released no later than June 20th, no earlier than June 13th. At worst, that puts us at about 67 days between releases. 

Will timeline continue? Not quite so fast, no. Each book in this trilogy was over 100,000 words, which isn't far from the norm for fantasy — quite underwhelming if you compare to Rothfuss, Sanderson, and others who write door stoppers. I had the first draft of Book 2 finished prior to the publication of Book 1, so I had a decent head start. 

I anticipate most of my books hitting that 100-110K-word mark. I write ~2500 words a day, 5 days a week. So 40 working days until a first draft is complete. But let's say 50, as a buffer. That puts me at August 15th for the finished draft of a new trilogy I'm planning. By the time editing and all that fun stuff is done, we're looking at probably an ~October 5th release date. So, what, 3-and-a-half months? That's a little longer than it'll usually be, because we're moving into a house at the end of May and I'm migrating south for vacation in June, but ~3 months is a safe bet between releases for the foreseeable future. 

That works out to 4 books per year, which I'm happy with. I understand yinz, ya'll, whatever y-word to indicate a group of people you prefer using, would love even more frequent releases, but that probably simply won't happen with the size of the books I'm putting out. 

But I did want to give everyone a heads-up, so you know what to expect in the future. I've been writing professionally for many years, so I've learned to be pretty accurate in my estimations. I might be off by a week or two, but you won't see any 6-month, 10-month or year-long gulfs. I do this for a living, and it brings me far too much enjoyment to go that long without productive writing. 

Now, if I ever decide to embark on a 300,000 word epic, then yeah. There'll be a slow-down. That's not in the cards for the immediate future, though.