A New Series Has Been Born

On May 1st, I sent the final installment in the An Assassin's Blade trilogy, THE MISJUDGMENT, off to my editor. Afterward, I took seven days off in which I did mostly nothing except play Overwatch beta and The Witcher 3, and walk the dog. 

My little vacation came to an end a few days ago, and with its conclusion began a new fantasy series that I'm really excited about. I'm only 7,000 words in right now, so it's way too early say how it'll take shape, but it's looking to be a mashup of urban and epic fantasy.

It's quite the departure from An Assassin's Blade in tone, setting... pretty much everything. I love dark, gritty fantasy, but I was itching for some variety after writing 330,000 words in the genre, and I think this series will scratch that itch. 

I expect to have the first book out at the latest by October 6. I'm aiming for a bit earlier than that, though. We'll see. 

The Misjudgment is set to release June 21st. As with The Miscreant, I'm looking to move that up -- probably to June 15th, but I'll need to make sure there aren't any large revisions required before I do so. 

And one last piece of news. I'm hopeful to have The Misbegotten out in audio book sometime this fall. It's too far out to give you all a target date or even month, but I'll be sure to keep you in the loop. 

Until next time,